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Every time we go back home to see my parents and my family in Indonesia, they all ask, “why do you keep coming here?”  Ha!  Don’t they know that we really like to take those gruesome two days to travel to see them?  And that’s just one way.  We lose three to four days to travel back and forth.  Well, they mean well actually.  They want us to see different parts of the world, rather than just sit our behinds on my mom’s or brother’s couch.  But we enjoy them so much… perhaps more than they enjoy seeing us?  Ha ha..

Hubby heeded their advice though.  Usually, he will try to make a stopover in one place for three to five days, so we can sightsee other places.  Recently, after our layover in Hong Kong, we took China Southern Airlines to go to Guilin.  Guilin is located in the Southwest portion of China, in the Guangxi region.  I heard from other people that Guilin is a pretty place, and I agree with them.


We stayed in Guilin for three days, and from there, we went to the surrounding areas to see some of the wonders that we don’t see back where we live.  Since there are different places that we went to see, I will break my boring story into different posts.  First, I’ll talk about Guilin itself, and then will go on to talk about Longsheng, where we saw terraced rice fields, then the Li River cruise, Yangshuo, Reed Flute Cave, and Fubo Hill.  See, be prepared to read these while you’re having trouble sleeping.  If I am able to make you go to sleep, I might claim this blog as a natural sleep remedy!  🙂

Guilin is a very neat town.  It is not large enough to be so busy and crowded that we felt that we were back in Houston.  Guilin is surrounded by natural limestone hills, covered in trees.  So, as far as your eyes can see, you see the different shapes of these green hills everywhere.  Some are so close that you think you can touch them, and some are so far away, with layer of shades of green getting lighter and eventually fades away.  The contrast of a building with a hill behind it really caught my eye.  I drank in all the wonders of Guilin greedily, trying to memorize the view as much as I can.  I love the tranquility of the place, and would love to be able to go back and visit again.  Below are a series of the different hills that we saw during our stay there.  A lot of pictures were taken while we were in the car, so I had to scrap a bunch of them.  I also picked just a few so that you wouldn’t be bored to see them too


The people of Guilin were of a mix of blue collar workers, as well as the white collar workers.  You could see both the old and the new in Guilin.  Their method of transportation involves two, three and four wheels.  Most of their motorcycles are electric scooters, so they don’t need gasoline for those.  They cost about 3,000 RMB, according to our guide.  They transport pretty much about everything on these two wheels; dogs, humans, their groceries, just like in Indonesia.  The accessories involved though are much more innovative than Indonesia’s.  The riders use a full-face visor to cover their eyes and faces from the sun (and bugs); a jacket or some sort to cover for the front of the motorcycle; a foldable umbrella, a basket in front or back or both to add more storage space.  The three wheels as well, looked like part of a bicycle or motorcycle with a wagon attached in the back.


The hotel where we stayed, the Guilin Bravo Hotel, is located in front of Ronghu (Rong Lake).


We walked around the lake one afternoon and took a few pictures.  It was a hot day, so the walk did not last very long.  We saw an elderly lady walking her pug, Nina. We crossed paths and we said “Hello” to each other.  We walked a little further and decided to head back to the hotel and we saw them again.  This time, instead of walking merrily, Nina was flattening herself to the stone bench, her tongue was sticking out, her whole body was shaking from panting, trying to cool herself off.  Indeed, it was a hot and humid day.  It was a good thing we are from Texas, where you can bake cookies inside your car, during summer time.  Not that I ever tried that… Anyway, here are a few pictures from around the lake and surroundings.   Enjoy!




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August 10, 2011 at 2:35 am

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  1. Sekedar usul aja An, bagaimana kalau foto2nya dibikin lebih besar. jadi kalau mau lihat gak usah klik dulu. Dan setiap foto diberi keterangan tempat dan waktu. Trus diperinci hari pertama tour kemana saja, hari kedua kemana. Trus hotelnya tarifnya berapa, kondisinya seperti apa, biar bener2 membantu orang yg blom pernah kesana….hahaha…….aku cerewet banget ya. emang udah dari sononya begitu gak bisa ilang2….hihi. Btw aku suka cerita perjalanan ini. Thanks


    August 10, 2011 at 4:40 am

    • Hihihi… lah… ini blog’nya terbatas banget… kalo di jejer satu2, nggak bosen tah sing liat? Mau dibikin slideshow, tapi kok picture’e di show semua, nggak bisa di separate… Padahal aku pikir kalo di bikin slideshow kan enak, scroll’nya nggak panjang2… fotonya bisa gede…. Nanti aku ubek2 lagi blog’e…. kali2 bisa digedein fotoe…


      August 10, 2011 at 10:55 am

  2. Hahaha.. so much different with Ko Yu’s experience couple years ago. He got sick and hospitalized because of food poisoning there. But he admitted though, that the view is very nice.


    August 11, 2011 at 3:42 am

    • Wah… that would not be a good experience.  We mainly ate at the hotel, so at least we knew that the food was cleaner there, so we did not get sick.


      August 11, 2011 at 12:29 pm

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