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Longji Terrace Rice Fields Part 2.

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[Disclaimer: So you are back?  This post contains boo coos of pictures.   Mostly unedited, since I don’t have a good photo editing software, and I am lazy.   So, you have been warned, good luck reading!]

The rice fields in this part of China were supposedly designed starting from the Yuan dynasty, and continued to be improved with the Ming dynasty, and finished with the Qing dynasty.   I said supposedly since I cannot find anything concrete about these, without spending hours or days of research with the history of terraced rice fields.   If you are interested to read about a sliver of information about the terrace rice fields, please click here.

The rice field in Ping’An is called Longji Terraced Rice Field because the view of the terraced rice fields resembled dragon scales.   I also heard of the “Seven stars accompanying moon” in this Longji Terrace.   I could definitely see the stars, but I am still wondering which part of the scenery is the moon…   Okay, I will stop my squawking here and continue on with the story of our journey.

This was the view we saw when we first got up to the viewing point #2.  We were lucky that we got to see anything at all.  See the clouds just hovering on top of the mountain? At this time, the rain turned to drizzle, so we pulled out the camera and put the hood on it.

We spent some time up here to enjoy the view, as well as catching our breath, and I kept taking pictures.   See, I could multitask.  🙂

We took a couple of pictures together with Crystal.  You know, you have to do the touristy thingy.

After fifteen minutes of staring at these wonders, we started heading down.  About that time, our bellies started to rumble.  Going down was easier than going up, although we still had to watch our step.  Since I had the camera in my hand, I snapped pictures while we walked.  The first picture was this horse.  A lone horse tied in this small yard, but he did not seem to mind.  He (or she) was busy eating his lunch.

Then we came upon this view.

And I looked back, and snapped some more pictures of the rice fields.  But I’ll just post one picture.  How about that?

We came upon again with another set of minorities girls, and this time they caught a tourist who was willing to open their wallet.  Sorry with the crookedness of these two pictures.  You know, technically I wasn’t supposed to take their picture without paying..  Ha ha….

More rice field pictures.  Are you bored yet?

This building I believe was one of the local “guesthouse” or I could be totally wrong.  I didn’t knock at the door and ask them.  Even if I tried, I wouldn’t understand their local dialect.

More rice fields…

And pretty much after that, we came back to civilization.

And then we stopped at one of these buildings, Ping’An hotel.  At the time I didn’t know that it was a hotel, I thought it was just a restaurant.  I also didn’t know, that the name of this restaurant is the combination of my sister’s and my Chinese name! 🙂 Crystal ordered for us and Hubby liked the beef and potato best, while I liked the Kungpao chicken and the mushroom soup.  In the back of my unspoken mind, I was afraid of getting sick from eating the food up in the mountain.  We don’t know their hygienic habits and how they prepared their food.  Luckily, I was born with a third-world stomach…  😀 We didn’t get sick at all.

While we were sitting at the restaurant, we sat by the window and slid it open.  The cool mountain breeze was really refreshing.  It didn’t last though, since there were other tourists that complained they were cold.  Wuss…  Oops…  you didn’t hear me say that.  😀 Are you wondering what we could have seen from the restaurant?

After that, we made our trek back down, having our belly filled, and cooled down a little bit.  I snapped more pictures, and get ready to get bored okay…


And that, my friend, the end of the story of this particular trip.  So what do you think? Do you want to go up to the mountain and see these Longji Terraced Rice Fields?

This picture was based on three photos – I let the computer do the work and stitch them, so you can see on the right hand side, the computer did not do a good job.   I lack an editing software, so I did not even try to attempt to fix it.   Then at the left hand side, lower corner, I had to add more grass to cover the white area.   So if you zoom in really close, you see all these deficiencies.   But, it was enough for me, since when I look at this panoramic photo, I was instantly transported back to the mountain.   So, my friends, this is the end of the story on this part of the journey.

If you are interested in finding more information about Longji, check out these links.    Beware that most of the information out there came from the travel agencies, and I only found a few of bloggers out there who share their stories.   If you are a hiker, this is definitely a place you should go.

Up next, the Li River Cruise.  Stay tuned!


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