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Li River Cruise – Part 1.

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On our third day in Guilin, the next thing on our itinerary was the Li River Cruise.  It was supposed to be a four hour cruise and that we were going to have lunch on the boat.  So after breakfast, we were picked up by Crystal at the hotel and we headed to the Zhujiang Pier.  The plan was for us to do the river cruise which ends in Yangshuo.  There, the driver would pick us up and take us back to the hotel.  The distance between Guilin and Yangshuo is about 52 miles, and according to China Highlights website, the river scenic veiws between Guilin and Yangshuo are the prettiest one.

By the time we got to the Pier, we could see many boats were anchored by the wharfs.  We saw a lot of tourists waiting for their turn to go aboard, or waiting for their boats to arrive.  The day we were to cruise the river was a national holiday in China, starting a three-day weekend, and so there were many local tourists as well as the foreign tourists.

Crystal took us toward a boat that was anchored by the wharf and we had to bypass a lot of tourists who were standing in line.  We said a lot of “excuse us”, since they were blocking the gangway to our boat.  Once we were inside the boat, we passed the first level of the boat and headed immediately to the second level.  There was no one there at the boat at the time other than the boat crew.  The second level consisted of 5 long tables, where each table could accommodate 8 people.  So we plopped our bag and stuff on the table closest to the door to the deck.

Toward the back of the second level, a long buffet table was already set up with the metal serving pans for lunch.  There were brochures laying on the tables, as well as tea pots and cups.     The brochure contains a map of the river and the highlights the scenery along the river.

So of course while we were waiting for the boat to take off, we took this opportunity to take a snap a few pictures.

Then, slowly, there were other tourists coming onto the boat.  The couple who sat down near us were originally come from Argentina but now resided in Mexico.  Then, other tourists came in and filled up the boat.  Most of the tourists were from Columbia and we were just surprised about that.  We usually encounter European or Australian tourists, but never encounter a group from South America.  And now, we had.  The first level of the boat was full of the local tourists, most of which moved up to the rooftop observation deck for the duration of the cruise.

Finally we left the wharf and slowly heading south toward Yangshuo.

Once we left the wharf, we really started to see beautiful scenery.  The hills along the river are those of karst or what we mostly know as limestone.  The various shapes of these hills are what make the Li River famous for its scenery.  The scenery truly left you wondering about human existence.  I for one was in awe of the view.

Along the river, we encountered a lot of fishermen.  This fisherman saw our boat and he frantically steered his bamboo raft away from our boat.  I was afraid that he would get run over, but he survived.

I’ll stop my caterwauling here and let you see the pictures of Li River.   🙂

I think this cave is called Beauty of Crown Cave.

More pictures along the Li River.

This hill is called the Painted Hill of Nine Horses.  Can you locate the horses?  I cannot locate all nine, but I can see several of them.

And a dragon fly landed on me.  It was a very pretty dragon fly.  So, I must be lucky!!

To be continued…

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August 24, 2011 at 8:42 pm

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